Give Help

Collaborate with Hope Florida

Hope Florida provides new avenues for Floridians looking to give help, offering strategic ways to support our neighbors in need that contribute to both real-time and long-term solutions. Whether you are part of a faith institution, nonprofit, business, or an individual, Hope Florida provides a new angle to connect with and serve Floridians in need and be a key part of the solution.

Collaborate with Hope Florida

Nonprofit Organizations

Collaborate with us by registering with the Hope Florida Network and joining CarePortal to provide immediate and long-term support for Floridians.


Partner with us to provide job opportunities to Floridians in need, meet local community needs through CarePortal and support the Hope Florida Fund.

Faith Institutions

Serve Floridians in need by joining CarePortal or registering your church-affiliated nonprofit with the Hope Florida Network.


Find opportunities to help Floridians in need by volunteering as a mentor, joining CarePortal, and supporting the Hope Florida Fund.