We are partnering with businesses to create opportunities for prosperity.

The private sector is essential to building strong communities and supporting resilient families. By partnering with Hope Florida, businesses can engage with the local community in mutually beneficial ways, simultaneously filling job openings and helping individuals achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Hope Florida is always looking for ways to join forces with private sector companies to collaborate on available employment opportunities and provide triage for the unique challenges creating a barrier to Floridians seeking employment. We firmly believe that companies who invest in their employees as individuals cultivate a trustworthy and loyal workforce.

Examples of ways that Hope Florida employers make a difference for their employees include flexible work hours that allow parents and students to work while balancing vital responsibilities, permitting remote work, when possible, to limit the interference of transportation barriers and on-the-job training, which creates opportunities for Floridians with limited prior work experience.

How Can Businesses Join Hope Florida?

Register through CareerSource Florida

Businesses that register through CareerSource Florida can provide job opportunities that consider an individual’s needs and skills. Whether offering flexible work hours for moms or on-the-job training, employers can support the Hope Florida mission and help Floridians on a pathway to prosperity, economic self-sufficiency and hope.

Join CarePortal

Businesses that establish a CarePortal profile online can respond to unmet needs within their community. Through CarePortal, a point of contact at your business will receive real-time alerts to assist Hope Florida recipients with their unique needs, such as delivering a meal, bed, or diapers.

Donate to the Hope Florida Fund

Businesses that donate to the Hope Florida Fund financially support deserving local nonprofit organizations already doing impactful work in the community.

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