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We are empowering individuals with ways to uplift and support their communities.

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Sometimes, all it takes to positively change the trajectory of a life is one person reaching out to help. If you’re a senior looking to give back or a community member with a heart for mentoring vulnerable youth, Hope Florida offers volunteer opportunities that uplift your neighbors in need.

Through Hope Florida, you can sign up on CarePortal to be alerted to needs in your community and offer help in tangible ways. From donating furniture and clothing items to providing families with meals or financial assistance, your acts of kindness will make a difference to those facing challenges. This approach to supporting vulnerable populations removes bureaucratic red tape and relies on the generosity and kindness of individuals who want to see their local communities thrive.

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Become a Hope Hero

The Hope Heroes Program is a way for retirees and other seniors to volunteer their time and connect with their community. Through a collaborative effort with the Department of Elder Affairs, Hope Heroes are matched with volunteer efforts to fulfill special needs. As a Hope Hero, you can mentor Floridians with unique abilities and youth transitioning from foster care to independent living. In this role, seniors can share their wisdom and life experiences to help guide young people and families toward sustained success. Seniors helping others creates a clear pathway to purpose and enhances everyone’s quality of life.

How Can Individuals Join Hope Florida?

Join CarePortal

Individuals that establish a profile online can respond to unmet needs within their community. Through CarePortal, you will receive real-time alerts to assist Hope Florida recipients with their unique needs, such as delivering a meal, bed, or diapers.

Sign up to volunteer

Individuals can find opportunities to engage in community service, including providing mentorship to a young person in need or serving as one of our senior volunteer Hope Heroes.

Donate to the Hope Florida Fund

Individuals that donate to the Hope Florida Fund financially support deserving local nonprofit organizations already doing impactful work in the community.

Find More Ways to Join Hope Florida

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